Surgical Table Accessories

With a full array of surgical table accessories, we will help your OR handle nearly any positioning or imaging requirement. View our Table Accessory Guide to see our extensive selection – each accessory is designed to make set-up and positioning simple.


FLEX FIT 600 Lithotomy Stirrups

Flex Fit 600

  • 600 lb. weight capacity allows you to handle more cases
  • Trigger-grip handle permits simple, one-touch leg repositioning
  • Deluxe pads provide safe, comfortable and secure positioning for patients of all sizes
  • Three degrees of motion: lithotomy, abduction/adduction, and lateral leg rotation


OrthoTrax Orthopedic Surgery System

Ortho Trax


  • Brings simple positioning and imaging capabilities to lower extremity and hip procedures
  • Traction can be easily adjusted with Traction Hand Crank
  • Carbon fiber leg spars for imaging
  • Use with Skytron 3600 and 3500 series tables


Beach Chair

Beach Chair


  • Quickly attach the beach chair in place of the table back section for table powered beach chair positioning in shoulder cases
  • An adjustable head section provides secure support for the patient’s head
  • Maximize surgeon’s foot room when used with a Skytron top rotation table - just rotate the table to position the chair over the narrowest section of the table’s base


Singer Starr Stacker Lateral Support System

Singer Starr Stacker Lateral Support System


  • Provides comfortable and safe lateral positioning (right or left)
  • Ultra-soft cushions prevent bedsores and pressure-induced tissue trauma
  • Easy set-up - stackable cushions adjust to any patient’s size


Carbon Fiber Extension

             Carbon Fiber ExtensionCarbon Fiber Extension 2

  • Lightweight carbon fiber construction for easy attachment to the surgical table
  • Designed to improve imaging capabilities, radiolucent from edge to edge
  • Replaces Skytron leg sections for lower body imaging
  • Can be used in place of a back section on Skytron tables that have removable back sections for upper body imaging
  • Accommodates accessories like the carbon fiber arm surgery board to further enhance imaging capabilities

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