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Today’s healthcare professionals know that quality patient care begins with efficiency.
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Welcome to Argo Medical

Argo Medical, Inc. formed in 2004, is built and named after three principles: ExcellenceIntegrity and Service. We strive to offer medical products and services to meet modern healthcare environments.

From the Surgical Suite, Labor and Delivery, Emergency Department, G.I. Lab, I.C.U., Central Sterile, and any department in between, we have solutions for your equipment provision and repairs. We will do our very best to provide your medical equipment, either new or refurbished. Our ability to procure what you need and when you need it is unsurpassed. If you have a piece of equipment that is in need of refurbishing, we can do that as well.

Our answer is always YES at Argo Medical, so please call today to allow us to help you achieve your goals.

Refurbished Equipment

Argo Medical both sells and purchases refurbished medical equipment of many types and categories. If our customer needs any piece of equipment we can procure it. If our customers want to sell a piece of equipment we will evaluate it and possibly make an offer. Here are many of the refurbished equipment items we are continually providing for our customers and also looking to purchase.

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